GameOn is an application to manage games like badminton at a school or club level.  It is specifically designed for badminton but can be used for similar games (Tennis, Table tennis etc) with singles and doubles.


Designed for windows 10 or 11 on PC, notebook or tablet. It has a scalable, intuitive design that supports keyboard, mouse, pen or touch.

  • Timer showing hourly periods for club games and time remaining
  • Players can be added, removed and inactivated
    • Player details include photo, email, grade, partner preferences etc
    • Ranking with ability graph showing performance
  • Register
    • Shows who attended each session
    • Registering adds players to court selection
  • Courts
    • Multiple courts can be created and used to pick matches
    • Automatic selections include criteria like queuing, ability, played before, preferences etc.
    • Scoring is done and results stored to update player statistics
  • Games
    • Game results are saved for each session and can be shown
    • Automatic reports can be sent to players and club managers as required
  • Finance
    • There is a basic financial profit and loss for the yearly period
    • Income and expense templates can be created for match fees, equipment etc.
    • Fees and expenses automatically calculated based on attendance
    • Balances, predicted balance and yearly reports available
  • Reports
    • Ad-hoc reports can be viewed and emailed (html format)
    • Graphs and photos included in reports
  • Options
    • Allow you to set defaults such as who receives manager reports, account to send from etc.


This download zip file contains the exe file and pdf help file. This is all you should need. Extract to a folder and run the exe, it may prompt to download DotNet Framework from Microsoft if it is not already installed on your Windows system.